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Fay Wilkinson
Newsletter 7
    Born and educated in England I'd been 
running a successful business of my own 
teaching service skills and consulting 
to major organizations.
Over the years I'd become known as a 
dynamic speaker and an effective motivational 
trainer. I was invited to speak at conferences 
all across North America.
Masks and stories were not in the mix! 
Although fibre held a fascination -
fabric, wool, threads, colour manifesting in 
quilts, felt-making and mixed media collage.
  Fay Wilkinson


In the mid to late 90's, came a gentle stirring at first, that it was time to move on...
...to take the knowledge and hopefully, wisdom that I'd acquired
and apply them in a different way.
I began to look at what my true loves were -
fibre, stories, mask and performance.
And so this journey began and The Creative Cocoon emerged...

I studied Textiles at Sheridan College, Mask Making and Performance with Michael Chase,
a Master mask maker in England, and storytelling with Rita Grimaldi and Helen Porter.

In 2002 I graduated from the Expressive Arts Post-Graduate Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College, Haliburton, Ontario. It was an extraordinary experience. The insights I gained, the knowledge I acquired and the incredible sense of community that developed will be with me always. I also realized there were times when I was doing expressive arts in my earlier training and consulting work without knowing that was what it was called.  I am now honoured to be an instructor and the coordinator of the program

I moved house here to Eagle Lake, Ontario, have now established my studio and woven within this new 'Cocoon' The Eagle Lake Arts Retreat Centre..... and so begins this new part of my creative journey, and I look forward to meeting you on the way!


I'm a member of...

  • The Society of Arts in Healthcare
  • The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association
  • The Friends of Fleming College, the fund raising arm at the Haliburton Campus
  • The Bursary Committee for Fleming College, Haliburton Campus
  • The Board of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative
  • The Haliburton Highlands Quilt Guild and
  • Founder of the Highlands Community Playback Theatre Troupe
  • Co-Founder of The Creative Cocoon Storytellers with Jim Blake



A mask process

    Masks give me permission to safely transform and 
experience what was, what is and what might be.
Masks allow me to share. Masks say it's OK to have fun! 
Masks permit spontaneity. Masks mask our facades.
Masks have been at the centre of ceremonies 
for thousands of years 

'Masks are as old as mankind and until modern times 
had the power to make things happen. Masks were 
radical pivot points between man and nature. Masks 
made it stop raining. Masks insured a bountiful harvest.
Masks cured the sick. Masks made the warrior 
superhuman. Masks ran interference between 
man and the gods.
When masks spoke, man listened' 

Gary Lautens 

I'm learning to listen when masks speak.
Every mask I create is a part of me, a visible 
representation of one facet of who I am.
We've forgotten to listen. We've forgotten to trust 
ourselves. We all carry wisdom deep within us.
Masks are a vehicle to reconnect with, and learn 
from, parts of ourselves that have, until now been 
silent or ignored, but have a great deal to tell us.
    Masks and stories are inclusive.
Everyone, of any age, background and skill level 
can create and use a mask, and build and tell a 
story using words and movement.

Read more about mask and storytelling in the 
offerings -the workshops - and the 
talks and performances sections of this site 

Please do visit my 'virtual' Gallery 
View more examples of my masks in the Mask Rooms 
Many examples of my fibre work are in the Fibre Rooms 

  Fay with Venusmercury mask      
        For more information, please email  fay@thecreativecocoon.com


My postal address if you prefer is:
Fay Wilkinson, P.O.Box 151 Eagle Lake, Ontario. KOM 1MO
Phone: 705 754 4004



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