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Newsletter 7
    This page tells you about the expressive arts, about my "Cocoon" here at Eagle Lake,
custom fibre art I create, my talks and storytelling, and also "Celebrations".


The expressive arts
is all about using a variety of
media as tools to tap into the wisdom we all have within
us. We can get to know ourselves better and express
who we really are in a safe and supportive environment.
You do not have to believe that you are 'artistic' - we
focus on the process not the end product. I will work with
you one on one in a retreat setting or guide your group
here in the Creative Cocoon, or at your own location.

My role is as an Illisaiji - someone who creates an
environment where wisdom can reveal itself.
My specialties are masks and storytelling.

Trinity Being
          'Trinity Being' - clay piece

Read more about the expressive arts, and read about my expressive arts workshops.


Where transformation begins . . .

This most special creative space sits high on a hill overlooking Eagle and Moose Lakes surrounded by 16+ acres of woodland. It's a perfect getaway any time of the year just 2½ hours from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the heart of the beautiful Haliburton Highlands.


Take my workshops, experience expressive arts 'adventures' or work on your own
in the media of your choice. Walk or ski the hills, paddle or skate the lakes and simply 'be'.
Read more about my Eagle Lake Arts Retreat Centre.

portrayals montage


This is an exciting new offering! 

The intention is to connect people through 
face casting and art: grandparents
grandchildren, a mother and daughter,
father and son, sisters or special friends.

I can also do a personal face casting for you.

I'll guide you through the casting process 
making it safe, comfortable and meaningful.

After the casting, there are several options:

Explore the experience through journaling, artwork and discussion.
Paint and embellish the casts.
Using your mask, we'll write and enact stories.
I'll make positives of the casts and incorporate them into a fibre
piece. Special small objects and photographs can also be integrated.

This is an exceptional experience for all involved, (including me!), and creates
a lasting connection, both physically and spiritually, for those who take part.
See example1, and example2, in the Gallery.

mixed media montage
I'll transfer your significant images onto fabrics,
(photos, tickets, poetry...)
Special small objects 
can also be incorporated
into a fibre piece,
for example, a stone, shell, crystal, coins…

I'll work with you so that the finished

piece reflects your intent.
All images are returned to you unharmed.

Makes a unique, personalized gift for 
significant life events or milestones such
birthdays, weddings, graduation, anniversaries 
and memorials. Visit the fibre rooms in my gallery.


masks montage

I can create a meaningful mask for you to display
or wear. Media might include felt, fabrics, clay, and
found objects.Visit the mask rooms in my gallery.


vessels for treasures

Media can include felt, fabrics of all kinds, machine 
embroidery, and found materials.What is selected 
depends on the size, and intent of the vessel.
See "Sanctuary" and "Inner Beauty" in my gallery


gifts for guests
I can create fibre pieces for you to give to 
your guests after a special event
e.g. weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

They can include a small significant object if you
wish. See some examples here and here.
I can also write a note to accompany
them, or help you write one.

These are powerful 
reminders of a time shared
Recently I created 25 such pieces for 
guests at a 50th birthday celebration.
The date was embroidered on the back.
A personalized note was included with each piece.

For more information on Custom Fibre Art please 
contact me at:


I love to talk and I love to teach! 

You'll find detailed information on my current offerings 
in the talks and workshops sections of this site.
If you don't see what you're looking for, drop me a note 
because I'll tailor talks and workshops for individuals,
guilds, and student or corporate groups.


  never lost for words!      


As a storyteller, I perform - I don't read from books.
Storytelling is not just for kids - it's for everyone.
I tell many stories in the masks I make.

My repertoire contains stories from around the world, and 
I'm as comfortable 'telling' to adults as I am to

It would be fun to restore evening home 
recitals, with music, stories and good food! 

I also work in collaboration with my son Jake Wilkinson,
not only an extraordinary musician and composer, but
also an extraordinarily intuitive and truthful person.

We can tailor our performances to your group or event.
Read storytelling performances details.
Contact me for more information:

  Fay and Jake      

 Another exciting offering!     
Celebratory rituals have all but disappeared from our lives.
The intent is to bring people together for a common purpose.
Shared celebrations help bring us closer to ourselves and to each
other in a special way. They give us the opportunity to reframe,
reinvent and retell the stories that help us make sense of our lives.

Working with you, we'll sculpt a celebratory ritual
specifically for your purpose, using symbols and stories
that are relevant to you and your intent.
You are involved in every step of the process, as are the participants.
Meaning and relevance are restored to
significant events or milestones in your life.

Personalized Celebrations are for those of us who feel
we are missing something by not honouring these special times
with those close to us, and other available options don't fit
what we need, who we are, or who we wish to become.

- visit the Commissions Room in the Gallery, to see the
masks I created for a Housewarming Ceremony
 Transitions and transformations

Please contact me with questions or for more information



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