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"Student Featured Piece"


   S E E   M Y  C A L E N D A R
    Workshops are held here in my studio at Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada, or we can arrange to
run them at your location. Any session can be tailored to meet your group needs.
This overview outlines the workshop offerings, and there are pages linked with the individual workshop descriptions.
Read about my NEW "Expressive Arts" Adventures.
Check out the CALENDAR to see which workshops are scheduled in the next few months, or
email me if you'd like to arrange any of my workshops, for your group.
My postal address if you prefer is:
Fay Wilkinson, P.O.Box 151 Eagle Lake, Ontario. KOM 1MO. Canada.



Morphed Media Series:

Imagery Transformed.
Vanishing Magic.
Not For The Fainthearted!

Spider Stitchery.

Mercurial Layering.
Felt Fundamentals 1.
Felt Fundamentals 2.
Multi-faceted Felt. new!


Silk Paper vessels.
Felt Pouch.


Unfettered Felt.

Bowers For Twoleggeds.
Quilted Felterludes™. new!

Read detailed descriptions of these Fibre Workshops

Fibre Workshops


 Storytelling in Mask.
 The Sacred Art of Mask & Stories.
 Intuitive Felt Masks.
 Mask Mechanics.

See also:- Sage Masks for Storytelling, in the
"Sage Woman Series", and Magical Masks™ in
the Expressive Arts Adventures.

Read descriptions: Masks and Storytelling Workshops



"Sage Woman" Series:
 Introduction to Sages.
 "Sage Woman" Capes.
 Wisdom Journal Covers.
 Sage Lap Quilt.
 Vessels for Special Sage Treasures.
 Sage Masks for Storytelling.

Read more details on Sage Woman Workshops


 Introduction to Expressive Arts
Adventures. new!
 Your Walking Talking Stick™. new!
 The Route of the Puppet Tree™.
 Magical Masks™. new!

Read more details on Expressive Arts Adventures

  Trinity Being      



Masks and Storytelling.
Mask Making & Storytelling.
Personal Mask Making & Performance.
Greek Theatre Mask Making & Performance.

Read more details on Schools Workshops


Personal Mask Making
Women's Retreat

Read more about the Retreats Workshops

    Read about my Eagle Lake Arts Retreat Centre -          


Behavioural Style Management.
An innovative approach to working with clients and

Snapping The Chains That Bind Us.
A personal development workshop with a difference!

Tasks For Masks.
Designed for Information Technology people

How To Become Your Own Change-Master
A practical, realistic look at how you can regain
control in the midst of inevitable change

Read more on Corporate Workshops

I can tailor talks, performances or workshops, which 
incorporate fibre, stories and mask, for individuals,
guilds, and student or corporate groups.

For more information, please
email  fay@thecreativecocoon.com
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