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I use digital tools to tell your challenging stories in new ways by integrating music with your voice using your words and your original artmaking or found images.

In my work with the Abbey Retreat Centre guiding in-person and online retreats for people living with cancer, as well as those living with other life threatening illnesses, we explore ways to tell and reshape those Stories- the challenges that confront us and the unexpected joys discovered. These are some examples of the Stories in Motion that I created in collaboration with those journeying.


The power of resilience in the face of challenge

"This has helped in my healing process through this cancer journey that will be part of the rest of my life."

Coming to terms with what is

"This brought out the creative process of writing poetry that I didn't think I had."

 Facing Mortality

"This allowed me to open up in a way to show my feelings and thoughts with my family - for them to get a better understanding of what I was feeling and going through in my cancer journey."

Reflecting on lessons learned

"My very personal story became more whole and more healing as I worked with Fay by attaching sound and visuals." 

An emotional, heartfelt understanding of the journey

"Fay has taught me to expand my perceptions using techniques that have shown me new ways of looking at myself, my relationships, my world."

Renee Ernewein 1971-2022. Never to be forgotten.

This was my first Story in Motion. It was an honour to work with Renee. We learned so much from each other. She died shortly after this and her piece was shown at her Celebration of Life.

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